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Sleep Well: A hypnomeditative program for better sleep
1 hour 18 minutes Long
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“I used to lay awake for hours at night. It was ruining my life until I started listening to this program. Now I just play it every night when I go to sleep and I am asleep before it ends.”Kim – Lake Oswego

If you are waking frequently throughout the night, tossing and turning, or having difficulty falling asleep, you likely suffer from difficulties related to chronic sleep problems. Symptoms include feeling tired, fatigued, aching muscles, the need for caffeine to get or keep going, forgetfulness, depression, cold sensitivity, irritability, anxiety, and more. This Sleep Well program is designed to be listened to as often as is desired to help you fall asleep fast and stay asleep. Sleep Well helps to create an unconscious mastery of the messages that are intended to not only benefit your sleep quality, but your overall quality of life as well. You may even listen to it nightly.

Dr. Service completed his doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology with a special research emphasis on the science of meditation. His program combines meditation and certain benefits of hypnotherapy in a way that has been lauded as effective and safe. This program creates strong neural pathways that result in habitual thoughts and cognitive processes. After using this program even after just a few times, you may begin to see that the way to think about things and deal with situations have changed rather quickly.

Total Time: 1 hour 18 minutes

Track 1: Disclaimer   1:38  minutes

Track 2: Introduction   8:19  minutes

Track 3: Dr. Service’s Top 10 List of things you can do TONIGHT for better sleep   13:59  minutes

Track 4: Sleep Well Hypnomeditation   53:32  minutes




Enter Quantity

This book is very different from other parenting books in that I took the most salient issues every parent deals with and I addressed them head on with a no nonsense approach. With issues ranging from what parents post on Facebook to lack of libido in parents to children dressing in sexy clothes I offer information, tools, and straight up instructions on how to overcome some of the biggest obstacles parents face today. Some chapters can even save a child’s life.

Inside Out Parenting will be first released in softcover, followed by digital and audio versions. As the first to be able to purchase the softcover, I am offering free shipping to the continental U.S. and a discount. You will get the book shipped straight to your door for $12.95. Need more than one book? There is also a discount for ordering 2 or more – just in case you know a parent who needs one. It’s a great gift too!

“Inside Out Parenting is a must read for parents. It is full of simple and practical advice that is applicable to parents of all ages and in all life situations. The book teaches easy to implement principles that are sure to improve any parent-child relationship. The book is both informative and entertaining as Service shares parenting truths, intermixed with real life examples from his own family and from other families he has encountered during his training and in life. These captivating experiences help drive home the practical truths he teaches throughout the book. There is something for everyone in this book, from the soon to be parent, to the great grandparent. The book is fresh, relevant, and modern, addressing parenting issues that didn’t even exist 10 years ago, such as Facebook and sexting. He is not afraid to say what needs to be said.”

Andrew J. Morse, D.O.

Chief of Surgery

Community Hospital

Grand Junction, CO


This is a great book! I discovered something in every chapter that was applicable to my life with 5 kids. Being a parent, or a child, can be difficult even in the best circumstances, but our children face many difficult situations and I loved your down-to earth advice. It is so straightforward and uses examples that are useful to every day parents that want themselves & their children to be successful in life. Although I have never been divorced, I could even relate to your chapter of blending families – it is good guidance for adoption in families, too. I will definitely read this book again!”

Erin Iverson, mother of 5

The Littlest Acorn

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Anson L. Service, as a doctoral student arrived to his small studio office in Seattle late one evening in 2007. He sat down to check email, but rather than addressing his work he found himself suddenly inspired to write. The words of The Littlest Acorn flowed from his mind and heart faster than he could write them. Within a few minutes the text of the book was complete. Anson commissioned professional artist Jessica Cornelius of Portland, OR to create the illustrations. The pictures are the perfect match to the poetry. Paramount Pacific Press published the work.

The Littlest Acorn is an inspired story that applies directly to the lives of children and adults alike. Within each of us rests the limitless potential for miraculous growth and accomplishment, the like of which we cannot imagine. It is especially difficult to contemplate our immense potential during those times when we might feel insignificant, powerless, and hopeless.

We may find ourselves discouraged, suffering from unnecessary stress and depression because of various circumstances in our lives, much like Ashton, the littlest acorn who could not imagine being the mightiest tree because of the circumstances he found himself in. Like some of us, Ashton had setbacks from the start. His shell was cracked and he had friends that were poisonous to his future. If Mother Oak didn’t intervene to talk some sense into Ashton he may have been left to wander in his own lack of ambition, falling short of his true design and potential for the rest of his life.

Ashton’s friend, Mopey, projected a contagious lack of ambition and vision that was toxic to Ashton. Mopey’s pessimism did nothing but try to discourage others from succeeding so he wouldn’t feel so bad about his own circumstances and belief system. When others did succeed around him he attempted to belittle them in an effort to justify his own lack of happiness and success.

Like us, Ashton is no stranger to challenges, pain, injury, and loneliness. Because Ashton persevered for many years, focusing on his potential and strengths, remaining connected to his inner mighty oak, he finds one day, just when he was feeling his lowest, that he not only became that mighty oak he once dreamed of being, but that he had much to be grateful for as well. He had indeed become a wise and mighty oak and came to a realization in the end. Even better, he was still young enough to use his wisdom for many decades to come in helping and serving others.

May your journey be like Ashton’s as you stay connected to your inner mighty oak, handle your challenges, pains, injuries, and times of loneliness with perspective and gratitude. For these experiences do indeed make us mighty when used as stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks. May your eternal youth and wisdom leave you many decades of opportunities to serve and grow.

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Anson L. Service tells his miraculous and inspiring story of escaping the grasp of death and sickness using this new method of meditation. With humorous examples and touching true stories, Service presents the latest in scientific research findings, demonstrating how and why meditation, an art thousands of years in the making, is now making its way to the forefront of modern psychological, medical, financial, and spiritual practices. Meditation has recently been hailed by some of the most renowned and respected psychologists, physicians, business executives, and scientists as the most effective tool in our arsenal in treating more than 80% of the problems many of us face today. Meditation is the future of wellness and wealth building. Combining proven scientific methods with the time tested techniques of meditative masters who have created their own destiny, living in a manner most would call miraculous, Service details the philosophy and method that make up the New Science of Meditation. 270 Pages






I am proud to offer my son’s first book on their favorite sport: Wallball!

Wallball Fundamentals and Official Rules or Tee shirt

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 This is the first and only book about the nationally exploding sport of wallball. Don’t let the fact that these two young aspiring authors are 10 and 14 years old fool you. This book has been two years in the making, and brothers Ammon Service and Ashton Service employed the help of a professional graphic arts team, production team, editors, and even went so far as to gain endorsement from the National Wallball Association who provided the added bonus of including the 20 page NWA Official Wallball Rule Book in the back of their book. Packed with information that every wallball enthusiast will love, this book discusses everything from what to wear when playing in a tournament to the history of wallball. This is a must have for every player and school library.  48 Pages full of color and examples.  Release Date  June 1, 2013   *****PLEASE STATE SIZE DESIRED in notes section when checking out (youth MED or youth LARGE or Adult S, M, L, XL).

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 In this field manual you will read about the many experiences the author, Anson L. Service had on his full-time two year mission. As a psychotherapist he is able to explain in very candid terms, unlike anything published before, what it is like to be a modern Mormon teenager in the church today, and how he ended up preparing for his mission despite the many pitfalls and obstacles a teenager has to avoid and endure in today’s society. This is an honest, real, and sometimes shocking detail of what mission life is like for many missionaries, including touching and humorous introspection to amazing experiences not found outside of a full-time mission. He also fast forwards to the experiences he has today where he relies on the specific skills learned as a sacred agent for the Lord and how the decisions he made as a teenager have literally saved the lives of others, have completely changed his life, and is having monumental effects on the future for thousands and even millions of people in years and decades to come. He provides invaluable insights to help the youth of the church increase their church activity, be patient with their parents and youth leaders, and most of all, remain or become worthy to serve as full-time missionaries. The author, using modern research methods, shares with the reader data showing correlations between missionary service and higher income, significantly lower divorce rates, lower addiction rates, lower stress, greater feelings of happiness, and higher education than the general population of the United States. Also included are valuable scriptural helps a missionary can use while putting into perspective the difference between Bible bashing and teaching with the spirit.

In this book you will read how the author and his companion narrowly escaped deadly situations, stopped ambushes,  stopped a mugging, and how they handled being surrounded by a motorcycle gang. Also included are details on major miracles that occurred, such as saving a young girl’s life and braving a massive storm that resulted in a baptism. You will read about deadly tornadoes, a kidnapping, run-ins with televangelists, boxing matches, being called on to sing and play a gospel blues solo at a Missionary Baptist church,  preaching to a church congregation that was not Mormon, debates with the famed Zig Ziglar, and many other incredible experiences.